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5 Attractions That Make You Visit Nainital

Nainital is one of the most visited tourist spots in India. Due to its so many sightseeing it is known as the “Switzerland of India”. There are so many national and international tourists visit every year in Nainital, everybody praise the beauty of Nainital. There are many attractive places to visit and adventurous activities to do in Nainital. We are discussing about five attractions of Nainital, which make you visit Nainital.
Naini Lake: This is one of the most beautiful lakes, it is located at the heart of Nainital and its water reflects green color of nature. This lake is divided in two parts Mallital, the northern side of the lake, and Tallital, the southern end of the lake. Boating is the best activity to do in this lake and for adventure use a small yacht. Nainital Boat House Club provides facilities of renting boats and yachts.

Naina Devi Temple:
This is one of the most famous temples in India, according to Indian mythology, when “Lord Shiva” was angry and was travelling everywhere with the dead body of his wife “Sati”, at that time he was going to perform the dance of destruction known as “tandava”, at that time to stop the destruction “Lord Vishnu” scattered the body in fifty one pieces and one of them the eyes fell here to form the lake and become one of the “shaktipeeth”.

Govind Vallabh Pant High Altitude Zoo:
This is one of the most famous zoo in India, because it is a well kept zoo for the high altitude animals. High altitude animals are those animals who needs a cold temperature to survive. Animals like Himayan black bear, Siberian tiger,hill fox, wolves, palm civet cats, ghorals, barking deer, sambhar and many more other animals are kept there.

Tiffin Top:
This is a place which is situated at the height of 2292 meters above sea level in the Ayarpatta region; it provides very good and attractive panoramic views of The Great Himalayas.

Snow View:
This hilltop place is one of the oldest tourist favorite places for its beautiful views of the surrounding hills. It is located at a height of 2270 meters and is 2.5 kilometers away from the town. It is easily accessible by an aerial ropeway, which connects Snow View point with Mallital in Nainital. You can also start trekking from here to the Naina Peak or China Peak, which is the highest peak in Nainital and it also offers stunning views of snow-clad Himalayan range.

If you are planning to visit Nainital due to these attractions then you have to check out for Nainital, for more info you can visit Vikram Vintage Inn, which is one of the best in providing hospitality services in Nainital.

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