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5 Places to See during Nainital Trip

Nainital is one of the most visited travel destination throughout the year in India and the tourists come across the globe to visit Nainital. Many of the tourists visit Nainital but they do not know that what to watch and where to visit and this confusion make their trip a worst one, but to make your trip a memorable one you need to collect some vital information about the place you visit. We are providing you some vital information about some places where you can visit and make your Nainital trip a memorable one.
ARIES (Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences): This is a prominent astronomical institute of India, established in 1955. This institute has most advanced telescopes in India. This place is a centre of attraction for astronomy lovers; this place is also open for general public in daytime. In moonlight nights the institute is open for four days a week for the general public so that they can observe astronomical and celestial objects with high power telescopes, but with prior permission.
Kilbury: This place has been developed as a splendid picnic spot for tourists in Nainital. If you are bird lover and keen to watch different species of birds in their natural habitat and get close to them then this place is the definite paradise for you. This place is also the home of Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Reserve, which is famous for its wide number of bird species. Kilbury has an ecstatic atmosphere in which you can enjoy viewing the beauty of “The Great Himalayan Range”.
Gurney House: This is an old charming colonial cottage in Nainital made by Mary Jane who was the mother of famous hunter conservationist Jim Corbett Gurney in 1881. This house was sold to the wife of Barrister Sharda Prasad Verma whose name was Mrs Kalavati Verma in 1947. This is still a private home and has all its character and historical legacy of good old times, this is a heritage property and you can visit there by appointment only.
Kausani: Kausani is originally known as Valna, is a famous hill resort. This is a place which provides a beautiful view of the 350 km stretch of “The Great Himalayan Range” with clear sky. This is a land of lush green outfield and provides a gorgeous Himalayan view and addition to this you will get a silent and soothing weather with the pleasant chirping sound of birds. You can see the silent valleys and the three well known peaks named as Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchahuli can be easily viewed from this place.
Betalghat: Betalghat is a small village located on the side of Kosi River. This is the place where Jim Corbett noticed the presence of tiger, but now you can enjoy trekking this splendid place in Kumaon region and you can spend some quality time with you family, friends and loved ones.
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