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5 Reasons to Visit Nainital and Having Fun with Vikram Vintage Inn

Nainital a place located in Uttarakhand is a beautiful tourist spot and it attracts many national and international tourists every year. It is a beautiful hill station which has the beauty of nature in it. Nainital has many attractions, which are enough to attract any tourist towards it. Every year a huge number of tourists visit Nainital to spend their vacation and enjoy it fully. There are many activities, locations, sights and other things in Nainital which proved to be the tourist attraction. Many people visit Nainital every year and after visiting once and spending their vacations in Nainital most of the tourists decide to come back for their every vacation to Nainital only, while some of them are so attached that they don’t want to go back from nainital because of its peace and calmness in environment and weather.

There are many reasons to visit Nainital but we are mentioning here some of them below.

Naini Lake: Naini Lake is one of the biggest and main attractions for the tourists in Nainital. This lake is a very popular lake and it has its own history. This lake is also available for boating and yatching.

Boat House Club: Boat House Club is also a big attraction for the visitors and tourists in Nainital, this is a must see location at Nainital. It has been made in the mid 19th century, with wooden floored bar. You can see lovely views of lake from this Boat House Club.

Nainital Zoo: Nainital Zoo attracts a huge number of tourists every year towards it. There are some rare species of animals, who used to live at the high altitudes and they are now very rare or on the verge of extinction.

Eco Cave Gardens: Eco Cave Garden is a real attraction for the tourists every year who visit Nainital. It has been laid out without excessive manicuring. There are six caves here which are adventurous to explore.

Scenic Points: There are many scenic points in Nainital, you can go there and capture the beauty of nature in your eye, mind and soul. Take pictures and more over feel refreshed there.

If you are preparing to go for your vacation to any hill station then go to Nainital and for more information on Nainital tourism please visit Vikram Vintage Inn, you will get too many facilities at the resorts of Vikram Vintage Inn such as wifi, fitness center, live music and tambola session, doctor on call and many more.

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