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Essential Things to Do Before Travel
On vacations everyone loves to go outside to enjoy their vacations to the full extent.Read More..

5 Attractions That Make You Visit Nainital
Nainital is one of the most visited tourist spots in India. Due to its so many sightseeing it is known as the “Switzerland of India”.Read More..

5 Places to See during Nainital Trip
Nainital is one of the most visited travel destination throughout the year in India and the tourists come across the globe to visit Nainital.Read More..

Precautions During Nainital Trip in Winter
Travelling to Nainital is always an exciting trip and when it is in winter then it proved to be real adventure.Read More..

Some Tips to Make Online Hotel Booking More Easy
Are you planning a vacation? Nainital may sound a perfect hill station destination but many travellers often worry about the accommodation factor here.Read More..

Popular Adventurous Travel Destinations in India
If we look back we found that people travel India just for its monuments, we know India as a travel destination but in monument’s perspective Read More..

Booking a Low Cost Budget Hotel in Nainital - Don’t Miss Checking These 5 Things
On vacations everyone loves to go outside to enjoy their vacations to the full extent.Read More..

Nainital: A Perfect Getaway for Winter Celebration
The fun of short winter break in India is much more than extended summer holidays. No doubt summer holidays are of longer duration.Read More..

5 Famous Nainital Myths That You Don’t Want to Miss
India is one of the potential tourist spots in India and due to its various cultural and geographical qualities and diversitiesRead More..

Planning a Trip to India? Read This…
India is enormous, incredible, & filled of traditions. India’s beauty is its tradition.Read More..

5 Offbeat Tourist Destinations in India
India is a country which has been termed as a sub continent due to its numerous qualitiesRead More..

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Local Transport in Nainital
Every year Nainital attracts hundreds of Tourists from all over the world to have a glimpse of this beautiful India’s hill station. Read More..

Must Visit Family Vacation Spots in India
India is a country which has too much diversity in whole world than any other country on the planet Earth, even if we compare the smallest continent in the world. Read More..

5 Reasons to Visit Nainital and Having Fun with Vikram Vintage Inn
Nainital a place located in Uttarakhand is a beautiful tourist spot and it attracts many national and international tourists every year. It is a beautiful hill station which has the beauty of nature in it. Read More..

Famous Hill Stations in India
India is a country which has too much diversity but beside the diversity there is unity between all parts of the country Read More..

5 Beautiful Places You Must Watch Out When Roaming Around India
India is one of the most culture eccentric and a place with too old and many civilizations.Read More..

Things to Do in Nainital – Guide for First Time Nainital Visitors
Nainital is a popular tourist spot in India, it is very popular not among the Indians even among the foreigners also.Read More..

Explore the Places nearby Nainital
Nainital is a well known tourist spot in India, every year a huge number of national and international tourists visit Nainital.Read More..

5 Things to Look Out For Before Acquiring Accommodation In Nainital
Travelers need to keep some vital things in their mind especially in the case of accommodation to make their travelling experience a good one.Read More..

Hotel Amenities that Should You Look For: An Essential Guide
A hotel is not just lodging; in fact it is a home for most of its customers and the amenities offered by the hotel makes the whole difference.Read More..

Best Places to Enjoy Family Summer Vacations in India: Part 2
In our previous blog we discussed about several popular getaways located from east to west, north to south of India. Read More..

Nainital: A Summer Outing Option for Schools
The beauty of Nainital is so enchanting that it is too hard to resist it. Most of the schools are off on account of summer vacations. Read More..

Best Places to Enjoy Family Summer Vacations in India
Summer vacations have started and it is the right time to beat out the summer blues and enjoy a blissful time with your family and friends. Read More..

Some Important Travel Tips To be Kept in Mind While Visiting Nainital
A journey to a new destination is truly an exciting affair. While visiting Nainital, make sure that you dont miss out the exciting parts of city be itRead More..

Top 5 Things to look for While Booking a Hotel
While zeroing down on a hotel of your choice, you have to struggle hard to choose the hotel of your choice as you’ll be faced with a wide array of choices. Read More..

Top 5 Destinations for Solo Women Travellers
Everyone be it male or female has an equal right to travel and experience the charm and beauty of any place. Read More..

Booking Hotels in Nainital with Parking Facility – A Quick 4-Point Checklist
Whether you are planning your honeymoon or in a mood of holidaying with your loved ones, Nainital is a haven and a perfect destination. Read More..

Travel Agent vs. Direct Online Hotel Booking in Nainital - Pros & Cons
Planning a trip to Nainital and weighing down your hotel booking options? Well frankly, you have two choices either use a travel agent or directly book hotel online.Read More..

Family Stay in Nainital: Check These Tips to Plan Your Perfect Trip‎ 
Nainital is one of the most treasured and perfect family outing destinations. Along with the multiple sightseeing opportunities it also gives us opportunity to enjoy majestic view of Lakes & Himalayas. Read More..

Important Things Not to be Missed before Check-Out
Is checking out confined to packing your bags, ordering a ride to nearby airport or railway station and quietly slipping out of the hotel? Read More..

Safety Tips for a Road trip to Nainital: Part 2
In our last blog, we discussed some safety tips that can add more pleasure to your journey to Nainital and make your trip a memorable experience. Read More..

Safety Tips for a Road trip to Nainital
Long drives are everyone’s favourite. No one wants to miss long drives especially when the destination is Nainital. Driving in the hills can definitely prove to be an enthralling experience with some extra care and caution.Read More..

Booking Business Hotels & Meeting Rooms Online - Don't Rely Much on Online Reviews
Everything that glitter is not gold similarly everything that one reads can’t be trusted blindly. When it comes to rely on online review of any product, restaurant, hotel, or any services, you need to be extra cautious. Read More..

Camping In Nainital: Never Miss to Visit These Two Places
If you are a fun loving person and planning a getaway from the hubbub of city life, Nainital is an ideal choice. Situated amidst snow clad mountains, Nainital is an amazing creation of nature. Read More..

Exploring Nainital: Fun Activities Not to Miss
Are you an adventure seeker or want a break from your usual life, plan out a trip to Nainital. It will not only soothe your mind and body but also offer an enthralling experience. Read More..

Group Booking with Hotel in Mallital, Nainital – 3 Things to Keep in Mind
While there are number of things like facilities, terms & conditions, parking and cancellation policy that one need to look into before making a group booking however, doing positive negotiation with a hotel can help you get attractive group rates. Read More..

Four Things You Might Miss to Check While Booking One Bedroom Suite in a Hotel
Most of the hotels often make use of marketing to hype their facilities. But reality is bit different, only the experienced travellers can figure out the white lies. Read More..

Top 5 Hill Stations To Visit with Family
Are you tired of your routine life and want to get rid of it for couple of days to enjoy some peaceful moments with your family? Hill stations aka high altitude towns are indeed a great way of escaping into the lap of nature and self rejuvenation. Read More..

Top 5 Weekend Getaways in India
This article provides the reader with a theoretical glimpse of five top places close to Delhi for weekend getaway – Nainital, Jaipur, Agra, Shimla and Rishikesh. These places are homes to India's finest tourist destinations. The contrast between these interesting places is sure to captivate. Read More..

Top 10 Places To Visit in Nainital
Nainital is an exceptionally popular hill station of India. It is also called 'The Lake City'. Thousands of tourists from all parts of the world throng this city of lakes, especially in summer season. Read More..

Popular Tourist Destinations Near Nainital
Nainital is the most visited tourist destination. One can have tranquil vacations in Nainital where you can appreciate the magnificence of the hill station alongside adventure activities. Read More..

Nainital: Best Time to Visit
Nainital, the headquarters of Kumaun division, is the most popular place of tourist and religious significance. It is situated in the lower Himalaya not very far from the plains. This hill resort is well connected with most places in northern and north–western India. Read More..

A Nainital Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors
Within the surrounding Kumaon region, lies the district of Nainital, a hill resort favored with beauteous magnificence. A most loved with the British, Nainital was, for quite a while, home to Jim Corbett, and you would find notice of it in his books. Read More..

What to Check Before Booking a Hotel?
Most of us love to travel in our vacations, because holidays are the best time to travel and explore the beauty of new places, every individual has his/her own preference of places. Read More..

Planning for Honeymoon in India: Choose One of These Famous Destinations
If you recently got married or planning to get married this year, then it is a good time to plan your honeymoon trip and give an exciting trip to your partner. Having an exciting trip and spend some romantic holidays together gives a lifetime of love and excitement to live the life. Read More..

Things You Should Know Before Booking a Hotel from Third Party Sites
Most of the time customers perform generic search or search for a particular hotel on search engines & click on a link listed there. After landing to a website, most of the customers think that they have arrived at the official website of a hotel or website of the hotel they searched for, but most of the time involuntarily they really land to an unofficial site. Read More..

Nainital as Romantic Getaway - Honeymoon in Nainital
No more doubts in deciding a reflective honeymoon trip! Honeymooning in Nainital can be an extra special for you both. Natural beauty, beautiful Lakes and a pleasurable weather of this Himalayas region make it the perfect Honeymoon destination for love birds. Read More..

Nainital - One of the Most Exciting Hill Station Wedding Destinations
While beaches of Goa & historical palaces of Rajasthan continue to top list, Hill Station wedding destinations are also emerging as one of the most favorite wedding Destinations. Read More..

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