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Booking Business Hotels & Meeting Rooms Online - Don't Rely Much on Online Reviews

Everything that glitter is not gold similarly everything that one reads can’t be trusted blindly. When it comes to rely on online review of any product, restaurant, hotel, or any services, you need to be extra cautious. Maintaining a good online repo is always in best interest for any business. Good customer reviews, feedbacks work like a 24*7 sales man for a business and helps in alluring more potential customers. Moreover, it can also prove to be a driving factor in online searches. So, in short good online reviews are of utmost importance for any business in this age of technology. Many companies often take help of their employees or third party persons/organisations, strangers to plant good (sometime fake too) online reviews. Some unethical people also do negative publicity to sabotage their competitors by sharing/posting negative and harsh reviews.

Many online reviews and rating sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp etc should keep a tab on aforementioned activities and try to figure out some mechanism to eliminate such frauds and maintain trustworthiness with the users. Review filtration mechanism should be implemented at a part of the strategy implemented by top review and rating sites in order to flag out the fake testimonials/reviews. Here we are sharing some common reasons that will help you decide whether you should completely trust online reviews/ratings or not.

  • Fairly Open Marketplace for Fake Reviews: One can easily find a large number of websites that offer menial-paying jobs including fake review writing. Online market is flooded with such writers. Payment is made on the basis of every positive yet impulsive (fake) review.
  • Difficult or Rather Challenging to Spot Fake Review: if you think you can figure out a fake review, probably you can’t as it very difficult. With a plain look at the review, you won’t be able to figure it out. You need to take help of specialized online tools to check out the Plagiarism level of the review.
  • Companies offer Freebies or Discount deals: Web world is full of various advertisements where one needs to complete certain online reviews/forms in order to win some alluring gift or enjoy some discount deals. Most of the people often become a prey to this and end up in doing so.
  • Some Professional Often Bar their Customers from Online Review posting: Sometimes as a part of their service agreement, customers are often made to sign an agreement that prohibits them from sharing online reviews of the professionals they have paid for. One needs to be extra cautious while signing such agreements.

Do you often book business hotels and meeting room online? Most of the hotels virtually claim their facilities. But truthfulness is completely different. We at Hotel Vikram Vintage Inn Mallital, Nainital believe in transparency and providing the best possible facilities to our guests. In case of any query, visit us on the web or call 91-5942-236177.

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