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Essential Things to Do Before Travel

On vacations everyone loves to go outside to enjoy their vacations to the full extent. In India there are many outstanding tourist spots like Shimla, Gulmarg, Manali, Nainital and many more. But most of the time the travelers found themselves unable in managing their tasks and other things which make their vacations a hectic one or we can say that they are unable to enjoy their vacations on tourist spots. So, we need to look after some things so that we can enjoy our vacations on any tourist spot without any stress or problem. So, we are mentioning some essential things to look after before travel.

  • Make sure that you have sufficient number of approved leaves in advance so that you don’t need to apply for any of the leaves and the number of days should have to be of at least 7 days.
  • Now you have to make sure all those people who are going to travel with you also have sufficient number of days to travel with you.
  • Select a travel destination according to weather, so that you can enjoy your vacation fully.
  • Now, check the availability of accommodation there online, if you have any local contact over there then you can directly contact them for accommodation, otherwise go online and search for accommodations and make a list for some potential accommodations for you, so that you can check them out after visiting your tourist spot.
  • At your residence, if you have any pending tasks, then try to complete them before leaving.
  • Check out all the activities on internet that are available over there, even check out for all the places and other sightseeing over there on internet, this will help you to enjoy more.
  • Now, according to weather and number of days that you are going to stay over there do all the packing. Make sure that you have sufficient number of clothes, footwear, personal kit and more importantly a first aid kit, most of the times travelers don’t carry first aid kit.
  • Take your ATM card and check your bank balance, if you have sufficient cash with you then don’t withdraw any cash from bank, but if it seems that you don’t have sufficient cash then don’t use your ATM to withdraw cash, visit the bank straight and withdraw cash from there directly, because of new rules of Indian Government, the ATM can be used in your own bank ATM for 3 times without any charging and 2 times from other bank without charging in a month. SO, try to withdraw from bank directly.
  • If you have some services that you get on daily basis like newspaper service, milk service and many more other services similar to these services, then try to make sure that these services can be suspended for these days, so that you don’t have to bear any extra charges for unused services.

Try to use a good transport system so that you can enjoy the travel, like if you are travelling to some nearby places from Delhi (say) to Nainital or Manali or Shimla then you can also use your own personal vehicle to travel there but if you are going to a remote place like Tamilnadu or Karnataka or Kerala then use public transport like trains or airplanes, but if you are going to places like Lakshadweep or Andaman and Nicobar Islands then you have to use airplanes only. So, choose your transport option very wisely, which will save both your time and money.

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