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Exploring Nainital: Fun Activities Not to Miss

If you are a fun loving person and planning a getaway from the hubbub of city life, Nainital is an ideal choice. Situated amidst snow clad mountains, Nainital is an amazing creation of nature. Full of serene beauty, the effect is really charismatic on mind as well as body. Here one can enjoy some peaceful moments and solitude that one yearns for in the city life. If you are adventure loving person, Nainital offers a plethora of options to choose from.  In this article, we will discuss about some of the foremost adventurous activities of the Nainital.

Trekking: Everyone likes to be on top. It is a natural human tendency to scale the heights. Being a popular hill station, Nainital offers a vast array of trekking options. Quite popular one amongst the locals & visitors include Nainital Betalghat Trek, Nainital Binayak Trek, Nainital Kilbury Trek, Nainital Kainchi Trek, Nainital Kunjkharak Trek, and Snow View Trek.

Bird & Wildlife Sighting: Nainital is located in the Uttarakhand state of India, which is very popular for its bio-diversity. Jim Corbett National park is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy and explore the prevalent biodiversity of flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you can spot varied wild animals including tiger, bear, leopards, sloth-bear, mongoose, spotted deer, jackal, marten etc and various local seasonal and migrant birds too.

Boating, Yachting & River-rafting: Naini Lake is a popular tourist hub for boating and yachting. Some other prime lakes located in the vicinity are Bhimtal Lake, Sattal Lake and Nakuchiyat Lake. Rishikesh is also located close to Nainital and is world famous for its river rafting activities.
Horse-Riding: Mall is a popular area of Nainital or in other words is it often the busiest area of Nainital thronged by tourists. Most of the tourists prefer a horse ride to Mall and other adjoining areas in order to enjoy the serenity and peace of this place.

Nature Walks: The beauty of Nainital is so alluring that one can’t resist oneself from taking a stroll down the lanes of Nainital. If you wish to explore the real beauty of a place, nothing can beat the nature walks or stroll. It offers you a great overview of the people, their culture and moreover the tranquility of the atmosphere there. Hold your loved ones and rejoice those special moments by indulging yourself completely.

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