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Famous Hill Stations in India

India is a country which has too much diversity but beside the diversity there is unity between all parts of the country, usually the conditions of India are like the same of any continent, there are too many languages, rivers, hills and many more other differences which differs the people of one state from the people of other states. Due to its unity in diversity, India attracts people from all parts of the world, every year a huge number of tourist visit India, while some of them are regular visitors while some are occasional visitors, that’s why India is proving to be a hot tourist destination now a days, not even international even some national tourists visit the beautiful Indian tourist destinations.

There are many famous hill stations in India; some of them are listed below.

Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir is known as the “heaven on the planet earth”, so we can say that all the places in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir are awesome and they are treat to watch and Pahalgam is one of the beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir, the hills, the greenery and the snow; these are the things which are treat to watch at Pahalgam.

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir: Gulmarg is a hill station located at Jammu and Kashmir is the most visited place by all kind of tourists in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a lot of greenery and you can witness the amazing number of beautiful flowers which is a great feature of Gulmarg, as its name denotes “Gulmarg” means “meadow of flowers”. You can enjoy ice skating, skiing and cable car ride, the cable car of Gulmarg is the second highest in the world.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Manali is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India; this is one of the newest tourist destinations in India. If you are a skiing lover then also Manali proved to be a splendid destination for you because it is amongst the topmost skiing destinations in India.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand: Mussoorie is the topmost tourist destination in all of Uttrakhand, it is too close to the nature, so that you can’t resist yourself to go back to the place after visiting once, even you don’t want to leave the place after visiting the place. You can enjoy cable car ride and the panoramic views.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan: Rajasthan the land of “Rajputs” was also known as the “Rajputana” in ancient times has Mount Abu as the only hill station, this place is quite different from other hill stations, and there is the Aravali range which give us the great scenic view and it has connection to our history and ancient times, the story of some legends and myths, but it’s awesome that a hill station exists in a land of desert.

Nainital, Uttarakhand: This is a place which is a treat to explore and watch, if you are planning for a trip to a hill station then Nainital could be one of the best option for you, enjoy the beauty of nature and splendid scenes of nature at your trip to Nainital.

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