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Group Booking with Hotel in Mallital, Nainital – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

While there are number of things like facilities, terms & conditions, parking and cancellation policy that one need to look into before making a group booking however, doing positive negotiation with a hotel can help you get attractive group rates.

Here we’re listing 3 crucial things that one need to keep in mind before making a final call.

Clear with Requirements: It is very imperative to address your requirements in advance before starting research to find a best hotel in Mallital, Nainital that can suit your requirements without affecting your budget. As much as you are clear with your requirements, more are the chances to book a best hotel. You might also want to check the following articles:

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Budget:  Budget is what every family or a group looks for. One should go for a hotel that offers best of the class facilities within ones budget.  Refrain from spending your hard earned money just for the sake of some extra services that are rarely opted for.

Cancellation Policy: Don’t forget to check out the cancellation policy of the hotel before making a final call.  In case you need to cancel your booking at last moment due to some unavoidable circumstances, having a brief overview of the cancellation policy will make your job pretty easier and stress free. Moreover, it could also prevent you from shelling out some extra bucks in case of group booking.

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