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Important Things Not to be Missed before Check-Out

Is checking out confined to packing your bags, ordering a ride to nearby airport or railway station and quietly slipping out of the hotel? Most of the people often check out of their hotel in such a way, but is it really the way one should behave?  No matter what type of check-out you prefer, here are some important things that you should do before checking out.

Quick Glance of the Room: In short do a thorough sweep of your room. Lift up the blanket; check the drawers, bathroom, closets and most importantly the safe. Once you leave behind your stuff, it is nearly impossible to find it again at that place.

Collect your souvenir: Most of the people often wish to keep their travel memories fresh and alive. Souvenirs are the best way for anyone to remember their hotel stay. Small things ranging from notepads, stationery items like pen, pencil, slippers, room keys etc can come handy for your collection. 

Don’t forget your Charger: Don’t forget to collect your laptop, tablet or phone charger in the charging outlet generally placed just above the desk side or next to your bed. Don’t miss out checking other visible charging outlets as we’re more prone to ignore them and leaving behind our chargers.

Estimate your Expenses: Review your other overhead expenses that you have bought in your hotel room ranging from value added services like wifi, minibar snacks or other services. If proper attention is not paid, one may become victim of double-billing. Before leaving, make a review of expenses incurred and cross check with the front desk staff. It might be a bit time consuming but resolving bill payments after checking out is more irritating.

Keep your Housekeeper Happy: Tip is a form of appreciation. If a housekeeper came by and renders his services in a row, a tip is well deserved. A simple thing is to leave a tip each day at a regular place till you stay there, so that the housekeeper can easily spot that tip while cleaning your room. You can also put a thank you note over there, another sign of courtesy. When checking out, you can help your housekeeper by piling up all the messy things nearby the door. 

These are some important check out tips that might come handy to our readers. We hope you find it useful. At Vikram Vintage, we keep care of all your comforts and ensure that you get more than what you will pay for.

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