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Must Visit Family Vacation Spots in India

India is a country which has too much diversity in whole world than any other country on the planet Earth, even if we compare the smallest continent in the world which is Australia also do not has that much of diversity Australia is more than 3 times of India in area, but still India has so much diversity due to too many geographical differences and cultural differences. India is also a peninsula; peninsula is a land which is surrounded by water on its 3 sides, due to its diversity and geographical design it is also known as subcontinent.

Due to these diversities and geographical structural design, India has too many places which are world famous tourist spots and some are potential tourist spots and all the tourist spots are of different types, you can go to hill station or sea beaches or any monumental place, you will get all types of tourist spots in India and some of them are mentioned below.

Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir: Pahalgam is a famous hill station of India, situated at Jammu and Kashmir. It has superb sightseeing and heart touching natural scenes of snow, hills, waterfalls and much more, if you are planning to spend your vacation at any hill station then why not Pahalgam, as we all know that in India history Jammu and Kashmir was referred as the “heaven on earth”, so in my opinion you have to go to Pahalgam for once atleast.

Ooty, Tamilnadu: Ooty is also one of those famous tourist spots in India which attracts all types of tourists. Tamilnadu is a state which is located at the southernmost part of India has also some tourist attraction and Ooty is one of them. Ooty is also a hill station but it is not that type of typical hill station that we normally know, unlike Jammu and Kashmir the hills in this part of country are green and there are lot of greenery due to plants and trees. This is totally different type of hill station, so anyone who is planning for a place which is far from pollution and has a perfect weather and conditions then give Ooty a try.

Colva, Goa: Colva is a place situated at the western state of India, Goa. The Portuguese ruled in this state, this is the only state which is not under the British rule; it has been ruled by Portuguese until 1961. The whole state has been developed like the Portugal, anyone can see the Portuguese influence on this state very easily, and the roads, the monuments, the colonial system and even the churches all are like Portuguese mirror images. Goa is more popular for its sea beaches and the Colva beach is the centre of attraction for the tourists from all over the world. If you are looking to spend your vacation at any coatal area then give Colva a try.

Nainital, Uttarakhand: Nainital is a hill station which has a blend of typical hills of snow and they also have the greenery. The hills of Nainital has snowfall in winters and they looks lush green in summers, so this is one of the evergreen tourist spots in India, whenever you are planning your vacation at any time in the whole year, Nainital will always remain an option for you. It has sightseeing of hills, lakes, waterfalls and some adventurous activities. So, you can go to Nainital at any time to spend your vacation.

All these places are well known tourist spots in India, too many people come to these places every year to spend their vacations, for more information on them visit Vikram Vintage Inn.

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