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Popular Adventurous Travel Destinations in India

If we look back we found that people travel India just for its monuments, we know India as a travel destination but in monument’s perspective, but in recent years India emerged as one of the finest adventurous tourist destinations in the whole world. India has a lot of diversity if we observe it geographically; normally India is known as a sub continent just because of its diversity. If we see India as an adventurous spot then we can find many places which are adventurous travel destinations like we can see mountains in hill stations, sea beaches in coastal areas and many more.
There are many such travel destinations which are identified as adventurous travel spots in India, but we are going to discuss about some of them now.
Leh and Ladakh: Leh is he most common entry point is the farthest northern region of Ladakh in India. There are two largest mountain ranges of world is situated here and also there is Alpine Desert and Barren landscape also found. Adventure activity lovers can do various activities here like trekking, para gliding, hiking and rafting, if you go to Leh and Ladakh then you will find it fully adventurous travel destination of India.
Spiti: Spiti valley is a place located at remote Himachal Pradesh, it is a remote place from other places of Himachal Pradesh. It is around 12,500 feet above sea level, this quality makes it adventurous. It has stark high altitude alpine land and there are snoring peaks covered with snow. Here you can do many adventurous activities like trekking, yak safaris, wildlife tracking, mountain biking and rafting.
Manali: Manali is a well known tourist spot in India but as a hill station only, but in recent years it emerged as an adventurous spot too. It is located in Himalayan range in Rajasthan, it has a soothing backdrop. Here you can do fishing, hiking, trekking, rafting, skiing and mountaineering.
Nainital: Nainital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India as hill stations but it has all the qualities of an adventurous tourist spot, it is a very beautiful; place to see around like lakes, sightseeing, mountains, greenery, places and many more. But don’t make any mistake here you can do many adventurous activities also like biking, trekking, rafting and many more.
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