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Safety Tips for a Road trip to Nainital

Long drives are everyone’s favourite. No one wants to miss long drives especially when the destination is Nainital. Driving in the hills can definitely prove to be an enthralling experience with some extra care and caution. If you are planning a road trip to Nainital, here are some safety tips that can add more pleasure to your journey to Nainital and make your trip a memorable experience.

  • Firstly. Don’t indulge in drunken driving as it carries a risk of putting your dear one’s life in danger. Restrain from such habits. 
  • Make a happy and calm start; make sure of all the routes that you have planned to follow and how to reach the destinations safely. Make a list of stoppages that you will be making on your trip.
  • Keep a tab on the weather and other terrain conditions of the places along your route.
  • Start your trip early in the morning so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Continuous fatigue can ruin the pleasure of trip. Night drive is alluring but restrain from them as visibility can be poor at some places as the sharp narrow beam at night of the other vehicles on narrow roads can really prove fatal sometime.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient fuel in your vehicle to reach your destination as most of the fuel stations are shut by 10 pm.
  • While going downhill, try to stay off the brakes as much as possible and shift into a lower gear. Don’t ever try to brake hard as you run the risk of locking them. Engage a lower gear for uphill journey before you steer around a curve or riding a sloped in order to get better engine compression. Maintain correct momentum in order to avoid midway stalling.
  • Always engage a lower gear when going uphill before entering a curve or riding a slope, so as to get better engine compression. 
  • Ensure that you have enough momentum as you into a curve or up a slope, and maintain it so that you don't stall midway. While you are driving on ice, make sure you apply higher gears. 
  • Avoid travelling in rainy seasons, if you are on the way, avoid diverting your vehicle to improperly built roads or unpaved ways as you have face lot of debris and your vehicle may get jammed in it.

This is first part of this series, keep visiting our blog to enjoy more of such tips and other useful information. At Vikram Vintage Inn, Nainital, we care not only about your comfort but also about your safety. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. 

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