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Safety Tips for a Road trip to Nainital: Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed some safety tips that can add more pleasure to your journey to Nainital and make your trip a memorable experience. This is the second and last part of this series. Here we present a simple checklist of basic things that will make your road trip to a hilly place like Nainital more smooth and comfortable.

  • Tyres & Brakes: Pay attention to the wear and tear of tyres. Irregular wear & tear signify problem with suspension. Ensure that brakes are in proper condition. Make sure by checking the brake shoes and brake pressure. Don’t miss to check out the brake oil.
  • Oil: Oil is an important component of the engine of a vehicle. Make sure that the gear, brakes, engine and other complementary oils are at correct level.
  • Battery: Make sure that the battery running in your vehicle is not more than two year old.
  • Horn: Horn is must for bumpy hilly drives. Make sure that horn is in proper condition.
  • Filters: For a long hilly drive, one must change the fuel and oil filters for better vehicle performance. Ensure regular cleaning of air filters especially on dusty roads.
  • Headlights * Shockers: Don’t miss out on headlights especially proper focus adjustment in case of bumpy rides. Before staring out your journey, get your vehicle shockers checked properly.
  • Wheel Alignment: If correct alignment of wheels is not done, your vehicle’s tryes may get damaged severely. Moreover any type of imbalance in wheels may result in vibrant shaking of vehicle at a very high speed which can prove fatal.
  • Radiator: Make sure to regularly check the radiator coolant and hosepipe in order to avoid any unwanted breakdown in traffic jams or during hot summer season.
  • Wipers: Wipers are must if you are heading out in rainy season.

While aforementioned checklist is a basic one that you must make sure before starting your trip to Nainital, here are some other necessary items that one should not forget to carry on a road trip to a hilly station:

  • Head light bulbs
  • Thick wire and fire fuses for unwanted electric point break-outs
  • Basic Toolkit comprising of a screwdriver set, wrench, knife, torch, wheel spanner, leaf springs for car.
  • Two-chain, extra spare tyre, tyre inflator, tube
  • Small hovels and a wooden log for emergency situations

We hope you find this information useful for your voyage. At Vikram Vintage Inn, Nainital, we care not only about your comfort but also about your safety. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. 

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