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Things You Should Know Before Booking a Hotel from Third Party Sites

Most of the time customers perform generic search or search for a particular hotel on search engines & click on a link listed there. After landing to a website, most of the customers think that they have arrived at the official website of a hotel or website of the hotel they searched for, but most of the time involuntarily they really land to an unofficial site. So, here are some common tips that can be very informative to you when you’re need of booking a hotel.

Get Genuine Information from Official Hotel Website

Though you can get list of hotels for any location from the third party websites if you have decided with the location you want to travel or plan your wedding, or hold your private meetings but you can’t blindly trust on the things or facilities listed there. You must verify the information listed there from the official website of a particular hotel as it might be possible that information listed there is outdated or highlighted just for promoting that hotel. 

  • All the hotels offer different levels of accommodations, for example, standard, semi-deluxe, deluxe and luxury for the different budgets of tourists. 
  • The ground facility can be different than what is listed at third party websites. So it is better to verify the same to avoid any conflicts.
  • Some hotels arrange for transportation for touring and for going to the nearby attractions but not all hotels do this. 
  • Checkout the location in Google Maps and dig for hotel reviews.

Is it Safe to Book a Hotel from Third Party Sites?

Not all third party sites are bad but better to verify to be sure and to avoid any unwanted situation. You can’t blindly trust any website. It’s true that a lot number of affiliate’s websites available on the web and thousands of users booking rooms using those sites but you can’t ignore the security questions like:

  • Is it safe to make payment through credit card/debit card?
  • Do they save debit/credit card details without your approval?
  • Do they refund the amount if you cancel your booking?

The New York Times published a Good article on “Third-Party Hotel Booking Sites Can Mislead Consumers”. Click here to read it. 

Listed Prices: Official Website vs. Third Party Websites

It’s a good idea to cross check the prices and if you find that the price listed on any third party website is lesser than the price listed on the official hotel website then you must contact the hotel and clarify the same because generally the trend is that the official hotel websites offers the lowest price than their affiliates. So, booking the hotel from the official hotel website can be a cost saving option for you. 

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